Wiseman Finance: Proud Sponsors of RG4 Football Club – Nurturing Young Talent in Reading

Wiseman Finance is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of RG4 Football Club, a free community football team dedicated to children aged 9-11 in the Reading area. As a company committed to supporting local communities and fostering young talent, we are proud to be associated with RG4 FC.

Sponsoring RG4 FC aligns with our mission to actively engage with and support the communities we serve. As a local football club, RG4 FC plays a pivotal role in bringing children and families together. We believe in the power of community spirit and are excited to contribute to the club’s initiatives, events, and activities that promote camaraderie and unity among young players and their families.

In an era where digital distractions often take precedence, it’s crucial to encourage physical activity among children. RG4 FC offers a platform for kids to stay active, develop their fitness, and enjoy the great outdoors. By sponsoring the club, Wiseman Finance hopes to inspire more young people to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle.

We believe in providing opportunities for all, regardless of financial barriers. By sponsoring RG4 FC, a free community football team, we support the club’s mission to make football accessible to children from diverse backgrounds. We hope that our involvement will inspire more businesses to invest in grassroots sports, creating a positive impact on the lives of our youth.


RG4 Football Club