SME’s in 2018

May 17, 2018

The UK is braced for change in 2018

With companies and consumers confidence often being based on the wider worldwide instability, how will your SME business cope?

Online presence is important

90% of British businesses plan to sell their products online by the end of 2018. This is a huge increase from the 64% that currently sell online.  Will you be one of the many SME’s that looks to invest in their online presence in 2018?

Wiseman Finance can arrange finance for websites, hardware and software.

Huge advances in tech

The government puts tech at the top of the priority list.  Construction, artificial intelligence (AI), automotive, and life science sectors will see the greatest strives in technology as costs continue to come down.

Regulatory changes

We will be introduced to a host of new regulations in 2018 GDPR perhaps being the regulation that will affect most the most.

For many businesses, there will be associated costs that may not be budgeted for. A business loan or refinance could raise much needed capital to help pay for the costs.


Brexit is coming soon and despite the negatives there are many positives that are attached to it. Some sectors feel that there will be a massive benefit from Brexit. There is obviously many other sectors that will feel that Brexit will have a negative effect on their business.

The CBI in November found that optimism among SME manufacturers had lessened for the first time in a year as growth slowed and pricing pressure increased. Yet the research found that companies were spending more on staff and innovation.

This year will be an important year for many SME’s.  It is important to invest in your company to stay ahead of your competitors. Contact us to discuss any investment plans this year and see how we can help.

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