Wiseman Finance and Praetura Asset Finance Swift Solution:

OH Works Expands Fleet with StayGo Campervan Hire

Deal Snapshot:

Advance – £ 55,734
Asset – Elddis Campervan
Lender – Praetura Asset Finance
Terms –  60 months

Client Background:

OH Works, were established in 2017, and has gained a strong reputation as a go-to local specialist for accident and paintwork repairs, focusing on Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and other commercial vehicles. Their dedication to delivering top-notch vehicle accident damage repairs and advanced spray paint projects has earned them an extensive clientele, ranging from small to large businesses, both commercial and private.

Client Need:

As OH Works ventured into the campervan rental business under the brand StayGo Campervan Hire, they sought financial assistance to expand their fleet. It was vital for them to secure the best financing deal and maintain a healthy cash flow while acquiring the new vehicle. In search of a reliable finance broker, OH Works turned to Wiseman Finance to guide them through the financing process.

Challenges and Solutions:

The primary challenge for OH Works was the urgency of the financing process. They had an upcoming show that required the new vehicle to be present, making it essential to receive the funds promptly. Wiseman Finance, understanding the time sensitivity, quickly teamed up with Praetura Asset Finance, the chosen lender, to expedite the application process.  The collaborative efforts of Wiseman Finance and Praetura Asset Finance ensured that the necessary paperwork and approvals were streamlined, expediting the finance approval. The efficient coordination and dedication to meeting OH Works’ deadline enabled them to receive the funds on time for the show.

Outcome and Client Satisfaction:

As a result of the smooth and efficient financing process, OH Works successfully acquired the finance for their new campervan. They were thrilled to have the vehicle in time for the show, which played a crucial role in showcasing their expanding fleet and StayGo Campervan Hire services to potential customers.  Expressing their satisfaction, OH Works praised Wiseman Finance for their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to fulfilling their needs promptly. The seamless financing experience forged a strong bond between OH Works and Wiseman Finance, leading the former to return for additional financing opportunities.

Client Feedback

“We are very grateful and happy with the services provided by Wiseman Finance to help us grow our business to where we wanted it to be, each deal came with better customer service as we grew our business relationship into what it is today. I couldn’t recommend Louise and team anymore! I know who I’ll be getting in touch with further down the line if expansion of the company opens up.”