Expanding Business Fleet: Securing Asset Finance for a Prestige Vehicle

This case study examines the partnership between 365 Hire Plus, a vehicle hire company, and Wiseman Finance, a financial institution specialising in asset finance.

365 Hire Plus sought Wiseman Finance’s assistance to grow their fleet efficiently and secure finance for a prestigious vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. This case study explores the challenges faced by Wiseman Finance and how they successfully navigated them to meet the client’s needs.

Company Background:

365 Hire Plus, established in 2017, offers a wide range of hire vehicles, including small cars, commercial vans, and prestige cars. The company had previously relied on purchasing vehicles outright to expand their fleet. Recognising the benefits of asset finance, they approached Wiseman Finance for their expertise in acquiring vehicles through more efficient means.

Client Need:

365 Hire Plus was approached by music companies in need of vehicles for music video shoots. The specific requirement was a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, a prestigious vehicle known for its luxury and performance. To fulfill this demand, 365 Hire Plus turned to Wiseman Finance for assistance in acquiring the required vehicle.

Challenges and Solutions:

The acquisition of a prestige vehicle posed unique challenges for the financing process. Wiseman Finance’s team realised that securing suitable finance terms for such assets could be difficult due to their higher risk of damage and theft. Nevertheless, they were determined to find a solution that satisfied both the client and the lender.

Wiseman Finance’s team, led by Louise, understood the urgency and time constraints of the client. They promptly engaged in negotiations with the lender, emphasising the potential benefits of this particular deal. By highlighting the client’s positive track record and their commitment to protecting the asset, Wiseman Finance was able to address the lender’s concerns and secure a favorable finance deal.

Outcome and Client Satisfaction:

Despite the complexities involved, Wiseman Finance’s unwavering dedication to their client’s success led to a successful outcome. The finance deal for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class was secured within the required timeframe, ensuring the music companies had access to the vehicle for their video shoots.

The client, 365 Hire Plus, expressed their satisfaction with the services provided by Wiseman Finance. They appreciated the straightforward process, the wealth of experience Wiseman Finance brought to the table, and the ability to offer the best finance deals. The client highlighted their account manager, Louise, as instrumental in their positive experience, describing her as exceptional and going the extra mile to support their business finance needs.

Looking Ahead:

365 Hire Plus have expressed their commitment to continue working with Wiseman Finance, acknowledging their partnership as a crucial factor in the growth of their business. They expressed confidence in the future and anticipated further expansion with Wiseman Finance’s support.


The collaboration between 365 Hire Plus and Wiseman Finance exemplifies the successful synergy between a financial institution and a business seeking asset finance. Wiseman Finance’s commitment to finding tailored solutions for their clients, their ability to navigate complex negotiations, and their dedication to exceeding client expectations were instrumental in securing a finance deal for a prestige vehicle. This case study highlights the value of a strong partnership between financial institutions and businesses, leading to mutual growth and success.

Customer Feedback:

“I’ve now been using Wiseman Finance for 3 years now, and they’ve been an absolute pleasure to deal with since the beginning. The process is straightforward and with their wealth of experience they are able to offer the very best finance deals.

Wiseman Finance genuinely wants the best for your business, and are
always there at every stage giving you guidance and support throughout.

My account manager is Louise, and I can honestly say she is Godsent, and I honestly wouldn’t look elsewhere for my business finance needs. She’s always there and goes the extra mile.

I look forward to the future and growing my business with Wiseman Finance “